Depersonalization disorder: my life seemed unreal or in a dream

depersonalization disorder

Health and information – What is depersonalization disorder? Depersonalization disorder is a phenomenon in which a person feels separated from his own thoughts, feelings, and body, or feels disconnected from his surroundings. Depersonalization-derealization disorder occurs when you constantly or repeatedly feel that you are observing yourself from outside your body or that you feel that…

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Generalized anxiety disorder symptoms

generalized anxiety disorder

Health and information – Generalized anxiety disorder is a mental disorder characterized by unexplained anxiety and excessive worry. This disorder can be experienced by children or adults. This generalized anxiety disorder can happen to anyone, but it occurs most often in adults over 30 years of age. When experiencing this condition, sufferers generally cannot explain…

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Vitamins for Stress: What are They?

vitamins for stress

Healthzia – Vitamins are a necessity for humans. However, did you know that there are several types of vitamins that are considered vitamins for stress? Here is the information for you. Stress can be acute or chronic and cause fatigue, headaches, upset stomach, nervousness, and irritability or anger. Stress can also make your health condition…

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