10 Top Health Tips

Health and Information – In the midst of a pandemic season like now maintaining health is very much required by everyone. Especially for those who deal directly with other people, such as office employees, factory workers, laborers, food vendors, and others.

Therefore we need various tips to maintain the health of our bodies in the middle of the current pandemic season.
For example we must be diligent in exercising every day, eating green and fresh vegetables, and others.
Here are 10 health tips in the middle of the current pandemic season:
1. Consuming Green Vegetables
By consuming green vegetables, there will be a lot of nutrients that can be absorbed by our body, that’s because green vegetables contain lots of vitamins and nutrients needed by our body. So that the body will be healthier and not easily attacked by diseases or viruses.
2. Taking Vitamin D
By consuming vitamin D, our bodies will be increasingly immune to viruses and diseases. Some foods that contain vitamin D such as: mushrooms, egg yolks, salmon, beef liver, tuna. Of course we must choose these foods that are still fresh so that the vitamins contained therein are still many.
3. Exercise Routine
We must exercise regularly every day so that the body becomes fitter and immune to disease. Every day at least we try to exercise 30 minutes, that’s more than enough. To make it easier for us to walk for 15 minutes every day, it also includes sports.
4. Drink Green Tea
Green tea contains high antioxidants called flavonoids. That way, consuming green tea regularly can reduce blood pressure and avoid cardiovascular disease.
5. Get plenty of rest
Enough rest can actually increase the body’s immunity, it is because the nutrients that enter our body can be absorbed to the maximum. Get used to sleep for 8 hours per day, can be divided by sleeping 6 hours a night and taking a nap 2 hours, it is enough to rest for our bodies.
6. Reducing stress
Many ways you can do in order to reduce stress on us, one of which is to joke with family, or with other activities such as fishing, playing music, or the other.
7. Socializing
It’s true that lately we are experiencing social distancing, but what’s wrong with us socializing with our neighbors or close friends. But we also need to remain vigilant when socializing like keeping a distance, using a mask, or by using a hand sanitizer.
By socializing it can eliminate stress, which in turn can eliminate diseases in our body.
8. Maintain Cleanliness
By maintaining cleanliness, we will avoid various bacteria or viruses that attack our bodies. The simplest thing is that we diligently wash our hands after traveling, that includes maintaining hand hygiene.
9. Taking Probiotics
How to maintain a healthy body to avoid disease you can also do by consuming foods that contain probiotics. One of the foods that contain probiotics is yogurt. Yogurt contains probiotics that are useful in reducing stress. Probiotics also prevent us from some digestive problems that are often experienced by our body.
10. Avoiding alcohol
The last way that helps make our body avoid disease is to avoid alcohol. Alcohol causes a variety of diseases, especially for organs such as the lungs, heart and liver.
Those are some tips for maintaining the health of our bodies to avoid various diseases or viruses that can attack our bodies. Come on, cultivate a healthy lifestyle in our daily lives.

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