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Health and Information – Drug addiction is a condition where a person cannot control drug use and wants drug use even if it can cause danger. Drug addiction results in a strong desire to always consume drugs at any time. Therefore we must as much as possible to avoid drug addiction.

Maybe there have been many experts discussing this, but it would be nice to remind each other about the dangers of drug addiction. Because if you have an addiction can be bad for our health.
The characteristics of physical drug users can be recognized if they experience signs such as reduced awareness, difficulty breathing, experiencing physical and psychological disorders, and convulsions due to overdose. The sooner help is given, the easier it is to cure the addiction.
Here are 4 steps to overcome drug addiction, namely :
1. Examination
The examination stage is carried out not only by the doctor but also by the therapist. Examination aims to determine the extent of addiction experienced and are there any side effects caused. If the user experiences depression or even behavioral disorders, the therapist will cure the effect and then rehabilitate.
2. Detoxification
To overcome addiction must go through several stages and one that is quite severe is the detoxification stage. Here users must 100% completely stop using these dangerous drugs. The reaction that will be felt is quite torturous starting from nausea to the body feels pain. Besides, addicts will feel depressed because there is no intake of sedatives that are consumed as usual.
During the detoxification process, the doctor will alleviate the unpleasant effect by giving the medicine. In addition, addicts also have to increase drinking water so as not to get dehydrated and consume nutritious food to restore the body’s condition. The duration of this process depends very much on the level of addiction experienced and the determination the user has to recover.
3. Stabilization


After the detoxification process is successfully passed, the next step the doctor will apply is the stabilization step. This stage aims to help long-term recovery by prescribing a doctor. Not only that, thoughts about future plans are also directed so that mental health is maintained and does not fall back into the danger of these illegal drugs.
4. Activity Management
If you get out of the rehabilitation stage, addicts who have recovered will return to normal life. For this reason, it is necessary to approach the closest people, such as family and friends, to jointly supervise the activities of former users. Without full support from those around you, success in overcoming drug addiction will not run smoothly.
Many users who have recovered then try to use these drugs again because of the wrong association. For this reason, the management of activities is very important to avoid negative influences.
For that, do not hesitate to go to the center for dealing with drug addiction around you. Because there you will find a lot of solutions and serious handling of drug addiction.
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