Addiction cycle | How can this be addictive?

Addiction cycle

Health and information – We certainly often hear about addiction. Addiction is often we associate with dangerous things. Be it addicted to pornography, addicted to addictive substances such as drugs, or addicted to video games.

However, it turns out that addiction can occur in things that we take for granted. Examples such as workaholism or addiction to buying certain items. This certainly makes us wonder why people can be addicted to daily activities that seem normal.

Addiction, be it addicted to certain substances or addiction in the form of behavior can occur due to the release of dopamine produced in the brain. Dopamine is a substance that regulates pleasure. When doing an activity, the brain will order the release of dopamine to stimulate feelings of pleasure.

This is a mechanism that occurs when we do activities that are considered fun, for example playing video games. When playing video games is fun, the brain will command us to look for this happy feeling again.

If we don’t have self-awareness, addiction will begin to form from small habits. Not only video games, this also applies to other “fun” behaviors. The brain considers the behavior as a gift or gift so that he will look for it repeatedly.

The same thing happens with drug addiction. When taking these drugs, the reward system in the brain will be active, so the brain will become addicted or give a signal that the body needs to consume these substances.

In drug addiction, some psychotropic substances such as heroin or cocaine have elements that can stimulate dopamine production in the brain. So it can be explained that the stimulation of these elements makes a person addicted to narcotics.

Run away from something

Addiction to an activity or object is not only caused by an increase in dopamine release. But more than that, opiate behavior carried out by someone can also be interpreted as subconscious behavior carried out to avoid or escape an event.

Naturally, humans will be emotionally attached to something. When we cannot find attachments that make him feel calm or comfortable, then we will replace or even divert attachments that cannot be found with anything else.

A simple example, if a person does not get a comfortable feeling from his family or partner, then he will find comfort by working continuously to divert himself from these negative feelings. This “escape” activity will make him forget that in fact he was not satisfied with the life he lived.

Help people who are addicted to get rid of addictions

Addiction to something is dangerous for the body. Besides causing physical problems in people who are addicted to addictive substances, addiction can interfere with other aspects of life that will affect his mental health.

On the other hand, people who are addicted to something are often considered dangerous, do not have self-control and other negative views of the people around them, even sometimes they will be isolated and shunned.

In fact, addiction occurs not necessarily because the person consciously wants to repeat the action of opium. There are other mechanisms such as escape from reality or biological mechanisms in the brain.

Stay away from people who are addicted to it will make him look for another escape that can calm his heart. That will be a cycle that continues to repeat. It can even be addictive to something else.

Addiction is a behavior that cannot occur only from one cause. When we feel that we exhibit opiate behavior in several ways, we need to ask ourselves what really happened to us. Addiction can also be prevented by applying a disciplined attitude towards yourself.

For example, in addicted to shopping behavior, we can make a list of financial planning or turn our attention to other things that are more positive. Or on the internet addiction, we can uninstall a number of applications on mobile phones that allow us to not be too connected to the internet.

Another way is to register at any time that we can use without the internet. In addition, we also need to consider meeting with experts such as psychologists when our opiate behavior towards something is out of control or disrupts our social activities and lives.

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