Adolescent insomnia cures : It turns out that maintenance is very easy

adolescent insomnia cures

Health and information – Before we know more about adolescent insomnia cures, it would be nice to know what insomnia is, the causes of insomnia and the symptoms of insomnia. Below is the information we can collect for you.

Insomnia is a condition in which you find it very difficult to sleep, have difficulty sleeping well, or both. This condition can become chronic, making you completely unable to sleep, even when you want to sleep. If you have this sleep disorder, you will usually wake up tired. As a result, your activities the next day will be disrupted.

Sleep disorders have two types, namely primary and secondary types. The primary type signifies that insomnia is a disease, that is, it presents itself unrelated to any medical condition. Meanwhile, the secondary type indicates a symptom that arises due to other medical conditions.

In addition, sleep disorders are also distinguished based on their intensity, namely acute and chronic. Acute insomnia occurs in the short term.

In addition, sleep disorders are also distinguished based on their intensity, namely acute and chronic. Acute insomnia occurs in the short term.

It lasts from one night to or within a few weeks, it’s just that the symptoms come and go.

What are the signs and symptoms of insomnia that you must know?

This sleep disorder is marked by difficulty sleeping. However, there are other accompanying symptoms. Common signs and symptoms of insomnia include:

  1. Difficulty starting to sleep at night
  2. Often wakes up in the middle of the night or gets up very early
  3. Wake up tired
  4. Drowsiness and fatigue during the day
  5. Irritability, depression, or anxiety / nervousness
  6. Problems paying attention, difficulty focusing on tasks, and difficulty remembering
  7. Headache and head feeling tense
  8. Pressure in the stomach and intestines
  9. Worries about sleep.

There may be signs and symptoms not listed above. If you have concerns about a particular symptom, consult your doctor.

What are the causes of insomnia in adolescents?

The causes of insomnia in adolescents are almost the same in general, namely:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Poor sleep habits
  • Consuming caffeine and alcohol
  • Mostly dinner
  • Other medical conditions
  • Drug use.

The causes of insomnia above may be experienced by anyone, not only adolescents. However, what often occurs in adolescent as mentioned above.

What are adolescent insomnia cures?

There are many ways you can do adolescent insomnia cures, and they can be said to be very easy and effective if we want to do it regularly and regularly. Then what are the ways of adolescent insomnia cures? Here is the information for you.

1. Set a sleep schedule

As we know, the need for adolescent to adult sleep is 8 hours per day. By setting a good sleep schedule according to your waking time, it will make you sleep more comfortable and soundly and avoid insomnia. Set your bedtime between 9-10 at night because after that time, you will have trouble sleeping and eventually experience isnomnia.

2. Keep gadgets out of your reach

Gadgets are one of the causes of teen insomnia. By holding a gandget, you will be influenced by chatting on social media, watching YouTube vodeos or even playing games.

Activities like this will make your sleepiness disappear and insomnia will strike.

3. Don’t drink caffeinated drinks

Whatever activities you do at night, try not to consume caffeinated drinks at night. Caffeinated drinks will make your heart beat faster so you will stay awake.

In addition, these drinks also trigger you to want to urinate at night, which can disrupt your sleep cycle. Get used to drinking caffeine about 8 hours before bed.

4. Make your room as comfortable as possible

A comfortable room will affect the atmosphere during your sleep. Of course you will be more comfortable if you sleep in a clean and fragrant place.

Before going to bed, you can make your bed, arrange things that are not neat and give perfume around your bed.

5. Drink water or warm milk

Drinking water or lukewarm milk before bed can help relax stiff and tense muscles so that you can treat insomnia, as a way to relieve anxiety so you can sleep faster.

6. Do meditation

In addition to warm drinks can increase your relaxation before bedtime, meditation can also be done. Meditation can be done through many activities such as listening to soft music. These therapies will make you calmer and will greatly help you get rid of insomnia.

7. Doing habits before bed

You can also do bedtime habits to treat insomnia. This is so that you can stimulate the brain that this habit is done at bedtime.

For example, if you like reading novels, then read novels or if you like watching movies on your laptop then watch a movie before bed.

8. Eat nutritious foods

Before going to bed, try not to eat too much. The nutrients that can make you relax and calm your body to sleep better are fruits that contain lots of vitamins B, B6, B12, E, magnesium, potassium and potassium. However, try to eat food about 2-3 hours before bed so that during this time the food can be digested first.

9. Set a study schedule

Set a study schedule is also one of avoiding insomnia. Most teenagers today choose to do chores in the middle of the night so this also increases the risk of insomnia.

10. Clean yourself before bed

Apart from cleanliness of the room, your personal hygiene also needs to be considered. Because, sleeping with a clean body will make your sleep quality better. Make it a habit to clean your face, wash your feet and hands before going to bed so that your mind is calmer.

11. Sleeping position should be as comfortable as possible

You should also pay attention to your sleeping position. The wrong position will actually make you wake up in the middle of the night. Try to get your limbs in position, such as your neck and hands.

Positioning your neck incorrectly will make you feel sore. Likewise with the hands, the position of the hands that are accidentally crushed by another limb will make it tingling.

12. Shut down or dim the bedroom

Glare and bright lights will make it difficult for you to sleep. Even light emitting can have a radiation effect on your body. Try to turn off the lights or change the dim lights while sleeping to speed up the sleep process and avoid insomnia.

13. Avoid exercise at night

Exercise is also one way to prevent insomnia. Regular exercise will make your muscles and limbs healthier and more relaxed. But what you need to pay attention to is that good exercise is done in the morning and during the day, not at night.

14. Relaxing

Apart from meditation, relaxing the body by means of relaxation can also be used as a way to deal with insomnia. You can do relaxation breathing by breathing in through your nose and slowly out of your mouth. Relaxation will make breathing more regular, blood pressure stabilized and body muscles relax.

15. Make a potion to relieve insomnia

Traditional herbs are believed to be used as a way to treat insomnia and reduce symptoms of insomnia. One of them is lavender oil which can reduce stress and increase feeling of comfort. This concoction can be made by boiling lavender flowers or buying it directly to make it much more practical.

Apart from levender flowers, you can also make a potion consisting of kale leaves, black cumin, coriander each measuring 50 grams. Wash all ingredients and sprout until smooth. Boil 3 cups of water to a boil then drink the mixture before going to bed.

16. Consultation with a doctor

Consulting a doctor is a last resort if the methods above have not helped you overcome insomnia. Usually your doctor will suggest the same things as above and then prescribe medicine.

The use of sleeping pills prescribed by doctors is one of them when insomnia can no longer be cured by making lifestyle changes.

However, the use of this drug will be prescribed at the lowest possible dosage for the shortest possible time period or in the sense that the doctor will give it for a relatively short period of time.

That’s how adolescent insomnia cures. Keep in mind that insomnia is not a disease. It’s just a symptom that is easy to overcome if we try to change bad habits at bedtime. Because, quality sleep can be a way to overcome anxiety disorder or a way to increase good self-confidence so that it can increase your recovery. May be useful.

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