Adolescent problem behavior

Adolescent problem behavior

Health and information – The world of teenagers is indeed very complex. No matter how well you perform your duties as a parent, or how close you are to your relationship with children, educating teens remains a challenge.

Adolescent behavior problems generally will make parents dizzy. But this can be overcome easily, if you want to try to understand what they are going through and what they expect from you.

Puberty is not easy to do. Teenagers often have to wrestle with physical and mental changes in themselves. Therefore adolescents need the support of parents, so that they can pass through it without obstacles. Here are five adolescent behavior problems that are often faced in families and ways to overcome them.

1.Changing Moods

Every parent would know that teens have mood swings. Sometimes they whine about how unfair you are as a parent, or even violate the rules set in your family.


You may think that he is just overreacting, but that can actually lead to misunderstanding. Instead of ignoring the reaction, try to empathize and listen to how he feels.

2.Hang out with people you don’t like

The personality of a teenager can be seen from who he is hanging out with. The problem is when your teen turns out to be hanging out with people you don’t like, or with people who you think can have a negative influence on him.


Try to take time to get to know your child’s friends before denying their existence. But if you believe that they have a negative influence, immediately discuss it gently with him. Share your worries and how you love him so much that you don’t want bad things to happen to him.

3.Come home often late

Adolescent behavior problems this one indeed often makes parents dizzy. You must have set a time to play for him. When he has to go home and when he can hang out with his friends. But unfortunately, he even violated these rules and makes you angry.


If the reason is late because he feels unhappy at home, try talking to him and find out what causes it. However, if it’s done solely because of a friend, it’s time to set serious rules. Show that you mean it and ask him to respect the decision.

4.Easy to get angry

Teenagers tend to be more sensitive and irritable because of reasons that may not be understood by parents. They also become more argumentative and talk more. Understand that anger is a normal emotion experienced by humans, and it is very common among teenagers.


The only way to calm an angry teenager is to be calm. Avoid to shout loudly at him. Because, it will only make it more aggressive. Try to listen to what he wants to say and then teach him healthy ways to express the anger.

5.Drastic Changes to Appearance

This is one of the problems of adolescent behavior that needs serious attention from parents. Especially if your teen shows signs of anxiety disorders caused by body shape.


The most important thing you can do as a parent is to help your child accept it. Instead of criticizing the child’s appearance directly, say subtly that the style is not cool and give better choices that he might like.

Adolescent behavior problems must be faced by parents in an appropriate and wise way. Thus, children will not rebel and can better understand the wishes of parents.

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