adult suicide

Health and Information – Recognize the Symptoms of People Potential for Suicide. Suicide cases lately occur in many communities influenced by various factors. Even suicides do not only occur in adulthood but start from children, to the elderly. To prevent that from happening, the public must be sensitive to the characteristics of people who intend to end their lives.

For people who are depressed its characteristics are, the person concerned seems to constantly feel tired, have no passion, and are alive. Depressed people tend to withdraw from the environment or rarely socialize, despair, depressed, and easily offended by what people say or what people do.
But sometimes people around the environment are not aware of the appearance or sign, so people assume that those who are experiencing depression seem fine or mediocre.
From some cases there are also cases where there are signs but the environment is insensitive, unresponsive and assumes that it is normal, then, depressed people are other characteristics, when in the crowd tends not to gather, although sometimes it blends but does not reveal much what he thinks and feels.
So as a close person we must prevent that. If you know he has a problem, and there is no place to confide in, for example a teenager when over-treated by his theme but looks fine, that’s precisely the danger.
So we have to be more sensitive and aware if necessary, find out what exactly he is experiencing. For example, the person concerned is insulted or bullied and seems fine, maybe even laughing, as a close person, it must be ascertained that it is true that what he considers funny or just manipulation. For that we must help unravel not to feel alone.
Likewise with the cause of someone determined to commit suicide is caused by many factors. Although caused by a single factor, but usually it happens continuously or repeatedly.
When it comes to suicidal behavior, it has accumulated, even though it is a single factor, it keeps on repeating itself to someone.

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