Age dementia symptoms

Age dementia symptoms

Health and information – Dementia is a collection of symptoms that affect the brain’s ability to remember, think, and also speak, or also called old disease. This disease is usually experienced by people aged over 60 years. Although not rule out the possibility for people under the age of experience, even people in their 20s.

Dementia experienced by young people is called the phenomenon of Young Onset Dementia (YOD), or Early Onset Dementia (EOD).

So the point is dementia can affect anyone, not only for people aged 60 years and over, even people in their 20s can get dementia.

There are some early symptoms of early dementia, namely:

1.Short Term Memory Change

The first symptom that is typical of dementia is forgetfulness or senility. This is marked by the difficulty of remembering things that just happened. For example, you don’t knowingly put your wallet in the closet, then you can’t remember where the item was placed earlier.

As the name ‘short-term memory’ suggests, this symptom of senile dementia can also be marked by a person who can remember events 15 years ago clearly, but forgets when asked what the breakfast menu was this morning.

Let’s discuss 1 example that seems quite common, people with it can also find it difficult to remember what they want to do, shortly after leaving home. Have you ever experienced something similar?

2.Difficult to Find the Right Word in Speaking

Another symptom of early dementia is when a person has difficulty finding the right words to communicate what is on his mind. Until the person spoken to requires more effort to interpret and conclude what he wants to convey.

3.Difficulty Completing Commonly Done Tasks

Early dementia sufferers also usually experience changes in their ability to complete tasks that they are used to doing. These tasks are felt to be more difficult. Especially if the task or work requires full concentration in completing it.

4.Do the Same Time Over and Over

Have you ever unwittingly done the same thing? If so, it could be the first sign of dementia. People with early dementia usually tend to do the same thing over and over again.

Like for example wiping a window more than once, because it doesn’t remember that he actually just cleaned it. In addition, people with early dementia can also repeat the same question, even after the other person has just answered it.

5.Experience confusion

Various memory changes experienced by people with early dementia can make it confused or confused. Especially if he starts having trouble recognizing someone’s face or finding the right words when talking. Symptoms of this daze can be very clearly seen when he is greeted by others in the middle of the road, without knowing who the person is greeting him.

6.Difficult to Memorize Road Routes

The difficulties experienced by people with early dementia do not stop until the above problems. In addition to having difficulty remembering something or finding the right words when speaking, people with dementia will also have difficulty understanding or remembering the route of the road.

They will experience problems in the ability to read directions and recognize familiar areas, so that they no longer even know which way to go home.

7.Experiencing Apati

Apathy or lack of emotion, interest, and motivation is often a marker of someone experiencing early dementia. This condition causes a person to lose the desire to do fun things like chatting with family, joking with friends, or talking with neighbors.

Those are the signs of dementia that attack people in their 20s. If you experience any of the above, immediately check with your nearest doctor to get further treatment about dementia.

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