Agoraphobia Medication : Here’s a Powerful Way to Treat It

agoraphobia medication

Healthzia – Agoraphobia is a type of anxiety disorder in which there is excessive fear of open spaces or public places. Sufferers usually avoid places or situations that might cause panic, feeling trapped, helpless, or embarrassed. Then what agoraphobia medication can you do? Here is the information for you.

Possible situations or places can include using public transportation, being in an open or closed space, standing in line, or being in a crowd.

Sufferers may feel that they need someone, such as relatives or friends, to go out with them in public places.

The fear can be so great that the sufferer cannot leave the house and interfere with daily activities.

The fear that is felt because of the fear of not being able to find solutions or help as the anxiety becomes stronger.

Usually, people with agoraphobia have experienced panic attacks that develop into agoraphobia.

What are the symptoms of agoraphobia?

Below is information about the symptoms of agoraphobia that you should be aware of:

  • Fear of leaving the house for long periods of time.
  • Fear of being alone in a social environment.
  • Feeling the fear of losing control in public.
  • Haunted by the feeling of being in a place that makes him easily trapped, such as an elevator or a car.
  • Separating or isolating oneself from others.

Agoraphobia is usually followed by panic attacks. Agoraphobia sufferers can experience attacks when they get into situations that are not pleasant to them.

Panic attacks can present with symptoms such as:

  1. Sweating
  2. Burning sensation in the body
  3. Shivering
  4. Nausea
  5. Diarrhea
  6. Tingling sensation
  7. Chest pain
  8. Pounding
  9. Hard to breathe
  10. Dizzy
  11. Shaky
  12. Choking taste

What causes agoraphobia?

The exact cause of agoraphobia is still unknown. However, there are several factors that are known to increase the risk of agoraphobia, such as:

  • Other phobias such as claustrophobia and social phobia
  • Other anxiety disorders such as obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • History of physical or sexual abuse
  • Substance abuse problems
  • Family history

Agoraphobia is more common in women than men. This disorder usually appears in young adults, with an average age of about 20 years.

Is there a way to diagnose agoraphobia?

Agoraphobia is diagnosed based on signs and symptoms. The doctor will ask about your symptoms, including when they appear and how often you experience them.

The doctor will also ask about your previous medication history and your family history.

Blood laboratory tests may also be needed to rule out other possibilities that could be the cause of your condition.

To be diagnosed with agoraphobia, a person must experience fear or anxiety in two or more of the following circumstances:

  1. Using public transportation, such as trains or buses
  2. Being in the open, such as supermarkets or parking lots
  3. Being in a narrow and closed place, such as a car or elevator
  4. In the middle of the crowd
  5. There is far from home alone.

What are agoraphobia medications?

A person with agoraphobia will feel afraid to leave the house and will likely have feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Even so, there are several ways you can deal with feelings of anxiety that occur.

Here is some information that can be used for agoraphobia medication:

1. Seek professional help

Agoraphobia is a treatable condition. There are many mental health specialists who can help you review your symptoms, diagnose current conditions, and develop a treatment plan.

The medical professional will be ready to provide a safe and effective recovery plan.

Agoraphobia can generally develop in the first year when a person starts having persistent and unpredictable panic attacks.

Therefore, it is important to seek professional help as soon as symptoms appear. A person with long-term agoraphobia can have positive results and see improvement with professional help.

2. Learn relaxation techniques

Relaxation techniques are a strategy that can help relieve feelings of anxiety such as agoraphobia.

These techniques can help relieve tension throughout your body and relax your nervousness.

This can be learned easily at home. Start practicing this method to manage panic attacks, reduce negative thoughts, and have a relaxing effect on the body.

3. Reduce feelings of stress that arise

Stress can be a major source of anxiety. Stress has been known to cause many physical and mental health problems.

Also, feeling too much stress can potentially trigger some of the symptoms of agoraphobia.

To reduce the symptoms of panic and anxiety that can occur, try learning some techniques to control feelings of stress.

4. Take medicine

One of the drugs that can be consumed to treat agoraphobia that occurs is antidepressant drugs.

Several types of antidepressants are often used to treat anxiety in a person, but these anti-anxiety drugs have certain limits.

In addition, anti-depressants are much more effective than anti-anxiety medications used to treat agoraphobia medication.

That is the information we can convey about agoraphobia medication. Hopefully this article is useful for all of you and your family.

Don’t forget to contact your closest doctor if there is something wrong with you or your family. And do a healthy lifestyle by exercising regularly every day, and eating fresh fruit and green vegetables.


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