Agoraphobia treatment

agoraphobia treatment

Mental health information – Maybe you are wondering, what actions are right for agoraphobia treatment. Actually, there are various kinds of agoraphobia treatments that can be done, from medical treatment to therapy. This is the information that we will convey about agoraphobia treatment.

Dealing with any kind of phobia is a huge burden on the individual concerned, which may also directly affect the other people around you such as your immediate family. How you lead you everyday life would greatly depend on your coping mechanisms and your determination in controlling your fear.

A person with agoraphobia has three alternatives in addressing this condition. One would be to continue to struggle with your normal life with anxiety attacks being experienced occasionally.

Another option is to limit your movements within your comfort zone or areas where you feel comfortable to function properly. In some instances, you would prefer to be with a “safe person” who serves as your security blanket to avoid panic attacks.

In a worst case scenario, an agoraphobic may find herself being housebound, not leaving her home for any reason whatsoever.

What agoraphobia treatment do you need to do?

Various treatments for agoraphobia have been developed to correct the situation of those people suffering from it. There is, however, no tried and tested cure for this condition, as such treatment will vary for every patient and will be ascertained on the degree of the phobia felt.

The remedy may involve the prescription of the appropriate medication or requiring some form of therapy or a combination of the two.

Under therapy treatment, there are many the choices – cognitive therapy, relaxation therapy, hypnosis, psychotherapy, assertiveness training, meditation or exposure therapy.

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) combines cognitive with behavioral therapy. CBT is further classified into different forms such as thought replacing, thought stopping, focusing, paradoxical thinking, the worst-case scenario and visualization/ guided imagery.

With respect to medication treatments, the most recommended medicines are anti-depressants, beta blockers, benzodiazepines, buspar and anti-convulsants.

CBT entails the correction of negative thinking that triggers the abnormal reactions to what may be deemed normal circumstances. An effective, short-term process requires your participation to change the way you think that will eventually benefit your emotional state.

You will be conditioned on how to react effectively given a situation that can trigger your anxiety. The session may last for ax long as 12 weeks or shorten to 8 weeks, depending on how well the patient respond to the exercises involved.

Exposure therapy is a technique focusing on your behavior and analyzing your fears from the least to the worst. It is claimed to be effective in at least 75% of the cases, which it has been applied.

Using this method, you will be taught on ways how to keep yourself calm and to cope with an otherwise stressful position.

There may be cases that a patient might progress faster if the therapy is performed within a group. The interaction with other persons having the same fears will encourage the person to do better in terms of facing her fears.

Guidance from therapist though is essential for the treatment to be beneficial for all members in the group.

A reputable doctor must prescribe the medications and the dosage ought to be observed. Most of these drugs address the symptoms of panic attacks, either by blocking the happening or reducing the anxiety being experienced.

If you have agoraphobia, you should resort to the treatment, which you are comfortable. You should consult a medical practitioner for what will be the suitable for your existing condition.

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