Alternative medicines and therapies actually have dangers !!

alternative medicines and therapies

Health and information – Many people prefer to immediately undergo alternative medicines and therapies without first consulting a doctor, besides the price is more affordable and the access is also easier. But did you know that alternative medicine and therapies have dangers, here’s the information for you.

Like medical therapy, alternative medicine also has risks to health. Moreover, most of these types of treatment have not gone through the clinical trial stage, so that their safety and effectiveness in the treatment of disease is not yet known.

It is very important for you to know the risks that may occur after undergoing alternative medicines and therapies, so that you can be more alert.

Alternative medicines and therapies are a form of health service that uses methods, tools, or materials that are not included in standard medical treatment that is usually carried out by doctors or other health professionals (such as nurses and physical therapists).

Some people also refer to it as “integrative,” or “complementary” medicine.

Examples of alternative medicine are acupuncture, cupping, aura treatment, herbs and herbal medicines, reiki, ceragem (jade massage), reflexology, hypnosis, to gurah.

Alternative medicines and therapies should not be prioritized for treating disease

The terms complementary or alternative medicine are often misunderstood by many people.

As the name implies, the word “alternative” itself means “other choice”. Complementary medicine functions not to replace, but is only used as an adjunct / complement to conventional medical treatment.

This means that the ideal disease healing therapy should still prioritize doctor’s medical treatment.

The reason is, traditional medicine does not promise a cure for any disease.

Most of the alternative medicines and therapies that exist in society today do not have strong scientific evidence because most of them are only based on suggestions and experiences of patients.

A new therapy or drug can be said to be effective and safe for use by the public when it has been repeatedly tested and has gone through various processes of scientific evidence to demonstrate its safety, effectiveness, and quality.

This lack of medical evidence means that the use of alternative medicine theraphies is not recommended.

Moreover, each traditional healing method can cause different reactions from one person to another.

Even though you have the same complaints, it is not certain that a treatment that turns out to be suitable for you will provide the same properties to your child or neighbor.

In addition, many health professionals believe that the potential side effects of traditional medicine outweigh the benefits.

The risks of alternative medicines and therapies

Alternative medicines and therapies usually show their benefits only if done routinely in the long term.

It should be noted, some of the ingredients or methods involved in this treatment may carry the risk of complications and / or certain side effects if done too long or carelessly without the supervision of a doctor.

For example, although reflexology is generally safe, this technique can cause premature contractions in mothers whose gestation is less than 38 weeks.

Early contractions put pregnant women at risk for preterm birth and miscarriage.

The story is different with the acupuncture method.

If done carelessly by an uncertified therapist, the needle is at risk of being pushed too deep so that it can puncture internal organs, especially the lungs.

This is a very rare complication in the hands of an experienced doctor.

Another example is herbs and herbal medicines.

Curcuma, for example, is claimed to be effective as a constipation drug, but not many people know that ginger has blood-thinning properties that can cause acute kidney bleeding in people with liver disease.

If you happen to drink herbal tea of ​​elephant trunk leaves while undergoing chemotherapy, the additional chemotherapy effect of elephant trunk leaves is suspected to increase toxicity in the organs of the body.

In fact, do not rule out if the traditional treatment that you are undergoing can inhibit the effectiveness of chemical drugs prescribed by doctors.

As a result, the recovery process will take longer or may even get worse.

Research on alternative medicines and therapies

Research conducted by a team of researchers at Yale University found that cancer patients’ risk of dying was even higher when prioritizing complementary medicine to treat their cancer.

Of the 560 participants who had breast, prostate, lung and colon cancer who tried alternative treatments instead of being treated by a doctor, 281 died from complications of cancer that were not fully treated.

The investigators concluded that patients who opted for alternative medicine had a greater risk of death.

Currently, there is a trend of increasing interest by patients and families in seeking alternative treatments, as opposed to conventional cancer treatments.

This trend has created a difficult situation for both patients and healthcare providers.

In fact, until now conventional cancer treatment still provides the greatest opportunity for cancer cure.

In addition, there is currently limited medical evidence on the effectiveness of alternative treatments for cancer.

Be careful in choosing alternative medicines and therapies

The above explanation does not mean that alternative medicine is bad. It is okay to undergo alternative medicine.

But once again it is emphasized, do not prioritize traditional medicine to cure diseases.

Alternative medicine is only done to maintain general health, reduce symptoms, improve disease, or reduce the risk of disease – not the main way to cure it.

To cure the disease, prescription drugs and therapy from a doctor are still needed.

So, it would be better if you prioritize your treatment plan with medical care that you get from doctors and other health professionals.

However, if you really want to try alternative medicine, talk to a doctor who understands your condition first.

Your doctor will give you the best recommendations so that you recover quickly, not make your condition worse.

Finally, make sure that the practice place, alternative medicine specialist, and / or the product you choose has a legal license from the Ministry of Health to ensure its safety.

What are the tips for choosing alternative medicine?

If you are interested in alternative medicine, it is better to be critical in seeing the type of treatment that will be undertaken.

Choose alternative therapies with clear medical evidence.

In addition, there are several things you need to do before choosing alternative medicines and therapies, namely:

  1. Discuss with your doctor or health care professional the alternative treatments you are considering. This is important to ensure that alternative therapies do not harm or conflict with the treatment of your disease. Because, it is possible that herbal products and dietary supplements can interact with the drugs you are using.
  2. If you have more than one doctor providing health services, tell them about any treatment you are taking, including any alternative therapies you are using. This will help the doctor to harmonize the various therapies given.
  3. Nowadays, various health evidences can be easily searched on the Internet. Find out what scientific evidence supports the alternative therapy you intend to use and confirm its safety.
  4. If you experience various side effects from an alternative medicine that is currently being undertaken, stop using the drug and consult a doctor immediately.

So, in the midst of the emergence of alternative medicine, you should be more critical in assessing its safety.

Do not let the chosen treatment bring disaster, not cure.

That’s a little information that we can convey about alternative medicines and therapies. Hopefully our writing can be useful for you and for your family all.

Don’t forget to always apply a healthy lifestyle to yourself and your family, by exercising every day and eating nutritious foods, so that various diseases are not easy to attack.

Continue to consult with a doctor in order to get intensive treatment if there is a disease that attacks us.


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