Most Effective Asthma Medication !! From the Traditional to the Medical

Asthma Medication

Healthzia – Asthma is a type of disease characterized by narrowing and inflammation of the airways resulting in shortness of breath (difficulty breathing). There are many asthma medication recommended by health professionals.

According to the first step in managing your asthma symptoms is knowing and avoiding your personal asthma triggers.

Avoidance, however, only applies so far, so you may need asthma medication to help control your symptoms.

Here are various asthma medications from natural ingredients

You can find this asthma symptom reliever drug from the ingredients in the kitchen, you know. However, it is important to understand that you should consult your doctor first before trying natural asthma remedies.

That way, the doctor can help ensure that you can really use traditional medicine and do not give a negative reaction to your asthma condition.

Here are some choices of traditional asthma medications from natural ingredients that you can use to relieve asthma symptoms.

1. Garlic

Garlic is a natural asthma remedy that acts as a natural remedy to relieve asthma symptoms. The anti-inflammatory content in it is believed to reduce inflammation of the respiratory tract due to asthma.

The reason is, until now there has been no research that can prove that garlic can be a long-term natural asthma treatment.

2. Ginger

Another traditional asthma remedy that you can find in the kitchen is ginger.

Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties that can help relieve asthma symptoms. In fact, a study states that taking supplements derived from ginger can help relieve asthma symptoms.

However, the study did not mention how ginger works in reducing inflammation of the respiratory tract due to asthma.

3. Turmeric

Turmeric is another type of natural asthma remedy that you can use. This natural citrus herb has allergic properties that can fight inflammation.

4. Honey

Apart from being able to relieve sore throat and cough, honey can also be used as a traditional asthma medicine. You can mix honey with warm water to fight inflammation caused by asthma.

5. Caffeine

According to one study, caffeine is considered an effective natural asthma remedy because it can help control asthma symptoms.

You can get caffeine through chocolate, coffee and tea.

6. Omega 3

Omega 3 is often used as a natural medicine to prevent and treat heart disease.

Treat asthma symptoms with medical drugs

The following are some of the types of drugs your doctor may prescribe:

1. Long-acting beta-agonist

Beta agonists are bronchodilator drugs that aim to produce a calming effect on breathing.

This drug is generally used by inhalation. Long-acting beta agonist drugs, including formoterol and salmeterol.

2. Inhaled corticosteroids

To prevent recurring asthma symptoms, your doctor may give you inhaled corticosteroid drugs. Inhaled corticosteroid is a long-term asthma medication that needs to be used every day.

This type of drug works by preventing asthma from recurring, reducing inflammation of the respiratory tract, and reducing mucus production.

You will use a device called an inhaler to allow the medicine to pass directly into your lungs.

Some examples of inhaled corticosteroids include beclomethesone, budesonide, and fluticasone.

3. Leukotriene modifiers

This drug works by stopping the leukotriene, a substance in your body that can trigger an attack of asthma symptoms.

You can take this pill once a day. Types of leukotriene-converting drugs, including montelukast and zafirlukast.

4. Short-acting beta-agonist

It is also a type of bronchodilator medication that works to relieve asthma symptoms because the attack is immediate.

Short-acting beta-agonists work by loosening the muscles in the respiratory tract and relieving asthma symptoms, such as wheezing, chest tightness, coughing, and shortness of breath.

Examples of short-acting beta-agonist drugs are albuterol and levalbuterol.

5. Theophylline

Theophylline is an additional bronchodilator to relieve asthma symptoms that cannot be treated with other types of drugs.

The way theophylline works is to help expand the respiratory tract by relaxing the muscles around it so that people with asthma can breathe smoothly.

You can use this type of medication orally or by inhalation.

6. Anticholinergenic

This type of bronchodilator drug functions to prevent muscle tightening in the respiratory tract area. Some of the anticholinergent drugs are ipratropium and tiotropium bromide.

You may be given ipratropium in the form of an inhaler. Meanwhile, tiotropium bromide, which is a dry inhaler, allows you to inhale the medicinal powder.

While using asthma medication, make sure you follow the instructions for use as recommended by your doctor.

If your asthma condition worsens after taking natural asthma medications and asthma prescription drugs, consult your doctor immediately for further examination and treatment.

By using traditional medicine and medical assistance, asthma can be treated immediately.

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