Borderline Personality Disorder Symtoms

Borderline Personality Disorder Symtoms

Healthzia – Borderline personality disorder symtoms are personality disorders characterized by unstable relationships with other people. Patients with this disorder usually have emotional ups and downs. In addition, they also have the urge or tendency to harm themselves, for example by consuming alcohol.

In addition, people with borderline personality disorder symptoms also have difficulty interacting with other people.

Risk causes for Threshold Personality Disorder

There are several risk factors that can trigger borderline personality disorder symptoms. For example, those who have experienced acts of violence or harassment. In addition, children who are neglected can also be affected by this personality disorder.

For this reason, it is necessary to know from the beginning when someone experiences the disorder.

What causes borderline personality disorder symptoms?

Unfortunately, until now, the cause of borderline personality disorder has not been determined. However, experts believe that genetic, psychological and social factors, such as a history of abuse or abuse experienced as a child, are linked to this personality disorder.

Generally, this disease will also have an increasingly negative impact if accompanied by other nervous disorders, such as depression, anxiety, drug use, and disturbed moods.

Understand the symptoms of borderline personality disorder

There are several symptoms that vary and also the signs are:

  • Impaired understanding of identity
  • Impulsive, don’t think long
  • Intense emotional reaction and difficult to control
  • Doing or behaving in a way that is harmful or self-destructive
  • Dissociation, difficulty interacting normally with other people or groups
  • There is usually depression, excessive anxiety, inappropriate anger and substance abuse
  • Patients with BPD have a higher sensitivity to rejection or criticism

What is the diagnosis?

Determination of the diagnosis begins with a discussion between the doctor and the person about the symptoms experienced. In addition, the doctor will also ask about the patient’s and family’s medical history, including a history of mental disorders. After finding any behavior that matches the pattern of symptoms and ruling out any other possibilities through a physical exam, the doctor will establish a diagnosis.

Can borderline personality disorder symptoms lead to complications? Here it is :

  1. Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages or abuse of drugs
  2. Have an anxiety disorder
  3. Have an eating disorder
  4. There is a history of bipolar disorder
  5. Suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  6. Have a disorder called attention deficit / hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or hyperactive disease
  7. Have a personality disorder
  8. Being in an unhealthy or violent relationship
  9. Losing jobs or changing jobs frequently
  10. Lost opportunities to complete education
  11. Experiencing physical injury due to a tendency to self-harm

Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder

As quoted from, treatment of borderline personality disorder usually involves long-term psychotherapy with a therapist who is experienced in dealing with this kind of personality disorder. Medications may also be prescribed to help with certain symptoms that are bothersome and debilitating. For more information on treatment, please see threshold personality disorder treatment.

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