It sucks !! This is Causes of Eating Disorders in Females

Causes of Eating Disorders in Females

Healthzia – Most women have difficulty eating disorders. So what exactly are the causes of eating disorders in females that are often experienced by women?

Taking from that causes of eating disorders in females have a higher death rate than other mental illnesses, including depression, awareness of eating disorders should pervade society and the medical community. Unfortunately, they didn’t.

Some women often feel excessive and persistent hunger, while for other women the hunger is not present even though the stomach has not been filled with food throughout the day.

Some eating disorders like this are more common in women.

However, if this eating disorder continues for a long time, you should start to question whether this is normal or some form of psychological distress.

For causes of eating disorders in females there are many factors, such as depression, anxiety, heartache, and panic attacks.

Here are some eating disorders in females

1. Anorexia Nervosa

People with this eating disorder will usually feel overweight and have to do various activities to lose weight.

Even though he is included in the underweight category (underweight).

To achieve their goal of losing weight, people with anorexia tend to monitor what they eat and avoid certain types of food that they feel can gain weight.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder or OCD also usually occurs in people with anorexia.

The obsessive category in anorexics is usually within the scope of food consumption.

2. Bulimia Nervosa

Apart from anorexia, bulimia is also an eating disorder that is quite common in women.

One of the main characteristics of a person with bulimia is the habit of eating continuously without stopping for a short period of time.

People with bulimia will continue to eat until their stomach feels full and hurts.

In that period, sufferers cannot control themselves.

After this phase is over, the emotion that will follow next is the desire to expel all the food that has been consumed.

There are many different causes of bulimia, but one of the most common is stressful life changes.

Experiencing violence, both physical and sexual, to a negative self-image.

3. Recurring Eating Disorders

Not only occurs in people with bulimia, the urge to eat without stopping can also be categorized as an eating disorder.

Sometimes people with this disorder eat food when they are not hungry themselves.

There are three factors that can cause a person to experience binge-eating disorder.

In socio-cultural factors, the pressure a person feels by the media to become thin can have the opposite effect.

Second, on psychological factors, it is not uncommon for people with eating disorders to experience depression, while the last factor is biological factors.

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