Child abuse and the emotional trauma

Child abuse and the emotional trauma

Health and Information – Child abuse is indeed increasingly worrying. For that we need special assistance from parents for their children. Do not let parents do not know everyday experienced by their children. Every parent must know the activities of their children every day, from starting to go to school to playing with friends.

A few months ago, the Indonesian state was busy discussing cases of sexual harassment by Indonesian students in Manchester, England, named Reynhard Sinaga. There were 159 counts of sexual harassment, with 48 of the victims being male. Reporting from BBC UK, The Crown Prosecution Service in the UK said this case is the largest case that has ever happened in the UK.

Therefore the need for high vigilance of parents towards people who are not yet known. If someone we don’t know approaches our children we should ask him nicely and politely, so as not to arouse suspicion from that person.

Here is how to overcome the trauma of sexual abuse in children

In addition to intense accompaniment, overcoming trauma caused by sexual abuse experienced by children can be done by:

1.Do not blame yourself

Victims of sexual harassment on average often blame themselves for events that have befallen him. Conversely, you should stop blaming yourself because this disorder occurs is not entirely the fault of the victim. There is nothing wrong after the victim lives a new life, doing fun things and taking care of themselves and also doing fun activities so that nothing seems to happen.

2.Perform Therapy If Needed

Do therapy if it’s really needed by the victim. There are several therapies that can be done to overcome the trauma experienced after sexual harassment. You can do deep therapy, cognitive therapy, and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy. This therapy is done to reduce trauma or the victim’s memory of events that take place.

3.Looking for friends to exchange opinions

Some victims of cases in the UK, said that the victim tried to cover up the cases experienced by those closest to him. In fact, exchanging stories with trusted relatives or professionals can help to overcome the trauma caused by sexual abuse experienced. There is no harm in coming to a psychologist at the nearest hospital so you can exchange stories and deal with the trauma you experienced with the right person.

Providing mental and physical support for victims is a way to help victims overcome the trauma they experience. The important thing that must be understood is that it is mandatory to maintain the privacy or confidentiality of the victim so that the trauma healing process undertaken can produce good and positive results.

Be a parent who cares about children’s daily activities. Give time for children to enjoy time with both parents. And don’t hesitate to always ask our children about their daily activities.

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