Coping Depression Women : Don’t Underestimate !!

coping depression women

Healthzia – Women’s feelings are very unpredictable or confusing. Especially if the woman is experiencing depression, it must be very uncomfortable as the person closest to her. Then how is the way of coping depression women? Here is the information for you.

Depression in women is very common. In fact, women are twice as likely to experience clinical depression as men. Up to one in four women are likely to experience a major depressive episode at some point in life.

Depression in women can cause various complaints and symptoms ranging from sadness, loss of interest and enthusiasm for fun activities, to thoughts of suicide.

Before knowing how to get coping depression women, it would be better if you know what factor cause women to experience depression easily. Here’s the information for you.

What are the factors women get depressed easily?

The high rate of depression in women occurs due to various factors, ranging from biological, psychological, to socio-cultural factors. Here’s the explanation for you:

1. Biological factors

In women, changes in hormone levels, such as estrogen and progesterone, can affect the part of the nervous system that deals with mood.

It is also associated with an increased risk of mental health problems, including depression.

Changes in female hormone levels occur during menstruation, pregnancy, miscarriage, childbirth, and menopause.

2. Psychological factors

Women experience various phases of life that can affect their psychological condition, from education, career, marriage, having children, to the process of raising children.

In addition, women have quite a unique way of dealing with problems, among others, by considering more and thinking about various things and possibilities.

Women also involve more feelings when they are in a good relationship with friends, relatives, and even partners.

The different stages of life and how you respond to situations contribute to mental health and make women more likely to experience depression.

3. Socio-cultural factors

The culture that exists in society often assesses that women must have a gentle attitude, be able to nurture and educate, and must be sensitive to others.

This assessment and culture is vulnerable to making women define themselves through the opinions of others.

This of course will affect his mental health. So, it’s no wonder that women experience stress more easily.

The demands of women who have to play multiple roles also have an effect. For example, women must participate in work, either to meet the needs of their families or because they are afraid of being embarrassed if only as wives and housewives.

But on the other hand, women are still required to be responsible for all household matters.

This dual role without partner and family support can lead to feelings of tiredness, boredom, stress, and even depression in women.

How do you do coping depression women?

Below are steps that can help you to coping depression women it faces.

1. Always be aware of changes in behavior even if they are minor

Depression can occur slowly, almost imperceptibly. Depression symptoms also look different in men and women.

So it may take some time to see the pattern change or be ready to accept depression as a possible cause.

But you know your partner the best inside and out. If you notice that your partner’s behavior, emotional turmoil, or thought patterns are unusual, ask yourself if these could be symptoms of depression, but don’t stop there.

Depression may be the reason why your partner works long hours of overtime, starts drinking / drinking more alcohol, or catching drugs.

2. Don’t wait until your partner is completely down

Allowing a depressed person to drown before offering help is totally wrong.

Severe depression will be more difficult to deal with, easier to relapse, and will have more thorns in your relationship going forward.

Waiting also increases the chance that your relationship will not last.

Also, the longer a healthy partner lives with a depressed partner, the higher your risk of developing depression as well.

A depressed partner can sink deeper, making it more difficult to finally deal with depression.

Depression that gets worse and not treated will increase the risk for alcohol addiction, drug abuse, violence, and even suicide.

About 60 percent of people who attempt suicide experience major depression, and depressed men are four times more likely to commit suicide than women.

3. Show unconditional love and affection

Love has the power to heal everything.

If your partner is having a bad day, let them know you care by showing them more love.

It may seem more difficult to do this when they have a relapse and are taking out the negativity on you, but it is precisely these times when they really need love.

Just show them your care and affection with a simple gesture that actually speaks to them.

4. Ask to see a doctor

Dealing with a partner who is depressed and in denial is not easy.

But, by not overcoming this problem, your partner will continue to get sick or get worse, or even commit suicide, so you will feel the effects too.

Depression cannot be cured without intensive care.

So that you can start the healing process as optimally as possible, approach your partner with attention and with a mature plan.

Do not carelessly diagnose that she is depressed, she will definitely deny it.

If he doesn’t want to consult a doctor alone, you should call the doctor first and explain that your partner has depression.

Describe what the symptoms are. Then, make an appointment for his and stay with his at the consul.

The doctor will provide the best way to deal with depression in these women.

5. Don’t be irritable when the depression recurs

One of the main symptoms of depression is a negative outlook.

Everything felt worse than it should be, and on some days it would be difficult for him to even get out of bed in the morning.

This lethargy can be transmitted to other things in your relationship such as dating, having sex, or even casual chatting.

If your partner seems to have lost interest in your relationship, this can indeed be painful.

Remember that your enemy is the depression, not your partner. But don’t ignore them either.

If your partner is sick or hurt, you won’t hate them for it.

You will help them to get treatment, right? Well, depression is no different from any other physical illness.

Make a move to help your depressed partner get better, whether it’s taking a walk to work together, dropping him off and accompanying him to doctor’s appointments, or making sure he takes medication regularly.

6. Care and listen when venting feelings

Encourage the depressed partner to talk about how they feel, think or act, and listen without being judgmental.

Ask them what they really need right now, and give them exactly what they want.

Understand what the woman really needs during this time and then lovingly offer her affection for her.

7. Provide support, even in the worst moments

The symptoms of depression are terrible. This is why they need your support, especially when they’re down.

And even if the condition continues to worsen, don’t squeeze out your support.

Even if they try their hardest to get rid of you (it’s common for depressed patients to do it), you should continue to support them.

It is easy for depressed individuals to forget that they have support around them, especially when they are depressed.

During this time, you should remind the woman of your support.

8. Know when to let his be alone

Sometimes your partner will say that they just want to be alone, but what they mean is, “I need you.”

Other times, the woman will tell you that she needs distance and that is what they really need.

It’s your job to interpret what women really need, and you can do this by asking questions and connecting them emotionally.

9. Find a mental health counselor for the two of you

Your partner needs your love, support and attention.

But all of these important qualities cannot cure depression at all.

Use your love to get proper medical help and to remind your partner that they are valued and loved by those around them.

Depression can affect both of you. So to deal with couples depression, in addition to seeing a medical doctor, consult a therapist or marriage counselor who specializes in dealing with depression in couples.

Why is this important? The two of you may have different problems to deal with individually, or you / she may have problems dealing with obstacles from overcoming depression.

It can be helpful to have a counselor who you can both meet with each other and separate at other times.

10. Seek support for yourself

Don’t forget to get help for yourself too. Remember that depression can even come upon a healthy you.

So, while helping your partner overcome the depression he is facing, it never hurts to rest and pamper yourself.

Go watch the latest movies, have coffee in a cafe with friends, talk to friends.

Choose a trusted friend as a confidant. It would be even better for someone who has experienced depression in their life or in their family.

That’s the information we can share about coping depression women.

Apply a healthy lifestyle to you and your family, so that various kinds of mental illness do not easily attack you and your family.

Continue to consult a doctor or a psychologist in order to find the best solution for yourself and your family.


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