Danger of anorexia, save your family from it is

Danger of anorexia

Health and Information – Ideal body weight and shape is everyone’s dream. Well? But if you feel your body is too heavy and intend to diet, you must be careful you know. Stop as soon as you reach your targeted weight, or if you start experiencing health problems. Because, who knows, you are in danger of anorexia. Then what are the danger of anorexia? the following information for you.

Anorexia Nervosa (AN) is a complex condition that includes psychological, social and physical effects. That is a deviation from one’s mindset, where someone will feel worried about their weight. This condition is more often experienced by women, but does not rule out the possibility of afflicting men.
What are the symptoms?
At the beginning of anorexia, sufferers will experience a pretty drastic weight loss. When it comes to fairly serious cases, sufferers do not experience menstruation and do not have the ability to consume food. In addition, another symptom that often occurs is vomiting the contents of food again.
Effect caused
The effects of this condition include hair loss, tooth loss, and decreased fertility. In addition, it can fatally damage tissue in the brain and death.
Cause of occurrence
What causes anorexia? It turns out that anorexia occurs due to several factors, namely pressure from the circle of friends that makes sufferers feel less confident.
Therefore, people with anorexia try to lose weight to a certain extent and size, but always feel less.
Family factors also have the potential to cause symptoms of anorexia, such as overly protective control and excessive parental control. In addition, another trigger factor is sexual harassment, which makes the sufferer stress or fall.
What should we do?
According to research by Professor Janet at the London Psychiatric Institute, these anorexia sufferers can be cured by giving them more love and affection so they feel happier.
In addition, Prof. Janet also stressed that the environment plays an important role for the success of healing in people with anorexia, namely by welcoming them better. Because, this can foster a positive outlook on food and themselves.

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