The Definition of Frustration That Rarely People Know

definition of frustration

Healthzia – Frustration can indeed attack anyone, be it children or adults. Sometimes frustration is a really annoying thing. Then what is the definition of frustration itself and how to solve it? Here’s the information for you.

Definition of frustration is a condition associated with stress and feelings of hopelessness. This condition usually occurs due to a mismatch between expectations and reality.

Factors that can cause frustration include repeated failures, stressful work situations, uncomfortable environmental conditions, and high desires.

What’s the right way to deal with frustration?

The emergence of frustration is closely related to the ability to tolerate failure or unattainable desires.

As we get older, generally the ability to tolerate and deal with failures that occur in life will increase.

However, not everyone has the same ability to manage the frustration caused by this failure.

Therefore, there are several ways you can deal with the frustration you are experiencing, namely:

1. Try to calm down

Calming yourself down by breathing deeply can be used as a first aid to frustration.

This feeling is likely to cause you to catch your breath or you may breathe short, which can potentially deprive your body of oxygen, making it difficult for you to think clearly and feel confused.

Even taking deep breaths will allow you to calm pent-up emotions and restore feelings of calm.

This method can also help you slow down your heart rate and lower your blood pressure, thereby reducing the negative effects of stressing your emotions.

2. Find out what causes the frustration itself

Once you can think clearly, focus on what caused your frustration. Then, clearly identify the problem at hand.

Make sure you are not affected by the effects of frustration so that you can find the right way to deal with the source of the problem, either by fixing it or by some other means.

3. Always think positive

When you experience failure that leads to frustration, you have to look at the positive side behind that failure. Grieving for failure will only make your frustration worse.

Thinking positively can actually help your frustration disappear. In addition, the more you think positively, the easier it will be for you to face difficulties and challenges.

So think positively if you want to beat frustration.

4. Believe in yourself that the problems will go away

The frustration should not drag on because if you let it be, it will have a worse impact on your mental health.

Convince yourself that you will be happier, and that the things that frustrate you won’t last long.

In addition, believe that you will find a way out of the problem at hand.

5. Remember the good you have achieved

Remembering what you have achieved so far can motivate you to get excited again when you experience frustration.

Recall that you were able to overcome obstacles and problems in previous situations.

This is done to build your confidence in going through the problems at hand. You will also be more optimistic and positive for success.

6. Keep yourself busy with the positive

When you are frustrated, you may just want to stay in your room lamenting your sadness. But if you are stuck in a bad mood because of something that frustrates you, then you should keep yourself busy doing other things.

Engage in activities that require high concentration so that it will keep you from causing frustration.

You can also get through anger, emotions, disappointment, and other feelings easily.

7. Do things that are fun for you

Stop beating yourself up and start doing fun things.

You can watch a comedy movie, read a book, take a warm bath, or go out with a friend to help calm your feelings and feel happier.

In addition, taking up a hobby that you have is effective in helping to get rid of frustration.

8. Tell the people closest to you

Talking to your loved ones about your frustrations can help you feel better.

In addition, you can also ask someone you trust for their opinion about the problem at hand.

Even though it’s not good to keep complaining about your situation, the opinion of that person can make your mind more open.

9. Go to a psychologist or doctor

If you feel like there’s no one you can trust to share your story, and your frustration is getting worse, it’s best to see a psychologist right away.

A psychologist will help you deal with your frustrations by giving appropriate direction, especially through consultation and psychotherapy.

That’s the definition of frustration that we can tell you. Take precautions immediately if you have signs of frustration in yourself.

Let’s do a healthy lifestyle in yourself and your family, so that various kinds of mental health ailments such as frustration (definition of frustration) do not easily attack yourself and your family.

Do exercise regularly every day at least half an hour a day. And don’t forget to eat fresh fruits and green vegetables to get even more nutrition.


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