Eating disorders treatment

Eating disorders treatment

Health and information – Eating disorders treatment? What to do?. Eating disorders are mental disorders when consuming food. People with eating disorders can consume too little or too much food, and are obsessed with body weight or body shape.

There are various types of eating disorders, but the three most common types are anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and eating disorders.

This disorder can occur at any age, but the most often experienced are teenagers, around the age of 13 to 17 years.

For that we need the right treatment so that eating disorders are not too severe. The following is a review of the treatment of eating disorders that can be done when experiencing it.

Eating disorders treatment

The main treatment for eating disorders is psychotherapy or also called speech therapy to replace unhealthy habits to become healthier.

One of them is cognitive behavioral therapy (cognitive behavioral therapy). This therapy is mainly carried out for people with bulimia and overeating disorders.

Cognitive behavioral therapy will change one’s outlook when facing a situation, including finding solutions to problems and healthy ways to deal with stress, so that in the end it can change one’s attitude for the better.

Other types of speech therapy that can be done are interpersonal therapy that focuses on problems related to relationships with others, family therapy that involves the whole family to discuss the disorders experienced by sufferers, the relationship between them, and the effect of these disorders on the family.

In addition to the two therapies above, dietary therapy is also carried out to help a person regain and maintain a healthy diet. This therapy is carried out by nutritionists and doctors, especially for patients who are underweight due to eating disorders

Medication may be considered. Although the drug can not cure eating disorders, but can help control the desire to eat a lot, vomiting, or excessive anxiety related to diet and food.

For that, always give support to families who are undergoing treatment for eating disorders. Give a positive moral message to keep it in good condition.

Side Effects that can occur if the more severe and the longer eating disorders are experienced, the more serious complications that can be experienced include:

  • Stunted body growth.
  • Experiencing psychological disorders, such as depression, anxiety, and even the intention to commit suicide.
  • Having serious health problems.
  • Declining performance in school or work quality.
  • Poor social relations.
  • Can result in death.

For that treatment of eating disorders is very necessary by sufferers of the disorder.

Always give positive advice and input so that the sufferer is more enthusiastic in managing the treatment.

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