Exercise and Mental Health, What are the Types of Sports

Exercise and Mental Health

Health and information– Maintaining health is as important as investing. Because when we are sick, we need to spend a lot of money to get healthy again.

But did you know that not only physical, mental health also needs to be maintained and there are several types of sports that turn out to be good for mental health. What are some of that?

1. Yoga

Yoga is well known for its connection with mental health. Yoga movements that seem relaxed can actually help you be mentally calm and relaxed.

Therefore, this sport is very suitable to be used as an exercise to maintain our body and mental health.

By regularly doing yoga, your emotions and mental health will be well preserved. For beginners, choose movements that are simple and easy to do. If done regularly, yoga will provide tremendous benefits for a clear mind and a healthy soul.

2. Running

When we feel stressed and depressed, there are times when we want to run away from reality. However, exercise that is good for mental health is not an escape from reality, you know. But jogging is done regularly in the morning or evening.

Apart from being practical and economical, because it can be done anywhere and does not cost anything, regular running is very good for your mental and physical health.

Especially if you do it with friends or family, and do it in a comfortable atmosphere. Guaranteed the mind will relax and reduce stress.

3. Leisurely strolling

Feeling running too hard? You can choose a leisurely walk. Its benefits for body and mental health are as good as running.

Take a leisurely walk in a cool, comfortable place to help relieve stress and deal with body aches. Do it regularly for 30 minutes every day, mental disorders and excessive anxiety will gradually improve.

4. Swimming

Swimming can keep your mind focused and help take your mind off the problem at hand. Apart from moving your body a lot, swimming also helps maintain mental health.

The reason is, swimming makes us have to interact with other people who also happen to be swimming in the same place. So that your heart and mind will be happier and calmer when doing this sport.

5. Zumba

Zumba is getting more and more popular lately. The movements follow the music to the accompaniment, so it feels fun because of the increased production of endorphins that add to happiness. Physical and mental health can also improve.

Those are some types of exercise that are not only healthy for the body, but also mental health. It is important to know that regardless of the type of exercise, if you want to get the maximum benefits, you need to do it regularly, and be balanced with a healthy diet and adequate sleep.

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