How do you know if you have depression

How do you know if you have depression – Depression is a mental disorder that often strikes people who often ignore healthy lifestyles. Like people who are too busy working to forget about eating schedules, rest schedules, and even exercise schedules are often forgotten. So that depression easily attacks people with this lifestyle.

Then how do you know if depression has struck us? Here are some explanations:

1.We will eat more or less than usual

Depression can affect our appetite. If we are in a negative mind, our appetite will be less. Vice versa if we are in a positive mind then we will feel hungry easily, so we will continue to eat to overcome them. The combination of feeling sad, pessimistic about the future and low self-esteem often makes you divert by overeating as a calming effect.

2.We sleep too much or even have trouble sleeping

Some people who are depressed will feel tired and make them want to sleep all day, as a way to escape from the sadness they experienced. But there are also people who are depressed to have trouble sleeping, that’s because a lot of the burden of thoughts that accumulate and think too much so that it becomes difficult to sleep.

3.Feeling easily offended by small things

People who are depressed become more easily offended, even if it is a small thing. For that we must be good at controlling ourselves so as not to be easily offended when you’re depressed.

4.Difficult to focus and difficult to concentrate

When you are depressed, your mind will be carried everywhere, so that your mind will be difficult to focus and concentrate. Even though it’s a small thing, sometimes people who are depressed become out of concentration.

5.Suddenly do not like activities that become our hobby

When before we felt very happy after releasing tired by cycling with friends, now we feel there is something different. We become less enthusiastic and no longer interested in things that were once our hobbies or hobbies. It could be that we are depressed. We become withdrawn and depressed as if to “snatch” our happiness and make our mood bad to do anything.

6.Feeling inferior and worthless

If we are filled with thoughts that we are not good enough, we are not important anymore, we are not valuable anymore, then we must be careful. That can cause a tendency to hurt yourself and become increasingly depressed.

7.Our minds are filled with death

Repeated thoughts about how we will die, how friends and relatives feel when we die, how suicide can be a very strong indicator of depression and we should consult a psychiatrist immediately. Especially if we constantly think about it every day or almost every day for at least 2 weeks, consult immediately to get further treatment.

8.It’s easy to panic and worry easily

When we are depressed, we will feel panic and feel anxious. That is because we think too much about negative things, so that we will quickly panic and worry about our own situation.

9.Excessive fatigue

Excessive fatigue in people with depression can be caused by feelings of sadness or feeling hopeless and helpless. Chronic emotional pain can indeed drain our energy. We become tired quickly even to get out of bed or shower we feel tired.

10.Feeling pain that has no known cause

Emotional pain from depression can cause physical pain such as headache, stomach, neck, back problems, even nausea. A person who is experiencing depression and has deep sadness and stress is often unable to hold his emotions and those emotions arise in the form of physical complaints such as pain.

That’s 10 ways how to know depression in us. So immediately take action so that depression is not getting worse, or even become more acute in us.
Immediately go to a psychiatrist to consult about what is happening to us.

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