How to maintain a healthy body when a pandemic?

Health and Information – The corona virus pandemic indeed decreases the number of patients exposed, but that does not mean we are free as before before the virus attacks. It would be nice for us to remain vigilant and remain cautious when meeting strangers, or we travel to public places.

Then what are the steps that must be taken to maintain the health of our bodies in the middle of this pandemic season, here are some tips:
1. Be diligent in exercising
It is true, with our diligent exercise makes our immune system increase, making it more immune from various virus attacks, including the corona virus.
To be able to exercise regularly requires extraordinary enthusiasm to do it, especially for people who are busy working everyday. At least we walk for 15 minutes is enough to count for exercise. Even more so if you spend 30 minutes a day exercising, that’s more than enough to count on exercising every day.
2. Eat Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
Eating fresh fruits and vegetables makes our body fresher, because fresh fruits and vegetables contain lots of vitamins and nutrients needed for our bodies every day.
So try after exercising we consume fresh fruits and vegetables so that the body becomes fitter.
3. Get enough rest
Do not force our bodies to work too long, it makes our bodies vulnerable to virus attacks. For that try to get enough rest every day by sleeping at least 8 hours per day.
If we have a lot of work or a lot of thoughts, it’s better to take a moment to enjoy life by relaxing to enjoy the beauty of nature, maybe it’s better than we are stressed every day
4. Always Wash Hands with Soap / handsanitizer
If we go out or go to public places try to keep our hands always clean by washing hands with soap or handsanitizer, it can prevent transmission of the virus into our bodies. So do not hesitate to do trivial things but there are so many benefits.
For that, let us always maintain the cleanliness of our bodies by washing our hands when traveling.
Those are some tips from me to maintain the health of our bodies in the midst of a pandemic of this virus, although many countries have implemented the new normal, but we must also be vigilant and still protect ourselves from exposure to the virus.
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