Internet Gambling Addiction

internet gambling addiction

Healthzia – For those who have internet gambling addiction, winning or losing is not a problem. Because even if they win, they will keep betting to find another win. And if the dealer always wins, why not just risk everything because it’s already wet?

Internet gambling addiction can ultimately destroy your life, be it financially, physically, emotionally or socially. Gambling addiction doesn’t even just pose a danger to the addict himself. The National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) in the United States estimates that bankruptcy, theft, domestic violence and child neglect, confiscation of homes and other investments, and even the suicide of close people are also linked to gambling addiction.

What Is Online Gambling Addiction?

As quoted from, it states that according to the National Council on Gambling Matters, gambling of any kind is a serious problem for gamblers if it “harms, interferes with or damages personal, family or vocational activities”. What does it mean? When you no longer have money to pay rent, you owe it to your eyeballs, your kids don’t talk to you because you risked their vacation money and college funds, and your wife is getting ready to leave because she can’t believe it. you again. – and you still can’t stop gambling. Then you have a gambling problem serious enough to be called an addiction.

How to get rid of internet gambling addiction?

1. Admit that you are addicted to gambling

The first step to freedom is to be careful and graceful to accept that you are addicted to gambling. At first, the regular addict gets stuck in a denial stage. Emotional turmoil is very common in these times – one side of your personality can act rationally and admit that gambling is destroying your life, while your dark side is eager to make bets with higher intensity.

2. Introspect on how your life has changed completely as a result of gambling

Avoid reminiscing about past victories. Those days will pass, if there ever was one. Now you just have to concentrate on how your gambling habits have a negative impact on your life.

Start by listing all your debts. Include details of outstanding payments, money borrowed from family and friends, credit card balances and cash, blank checks you wrote down, and debts you have to pay to the dealer.

Also reflect on how your physical health has suffered as a result of your gambling? Have you lost a lot of weight or have you gained weight because of a poor diet and lack of exercise? Have you ever become addicted to smoking, drugs, and / or alcohol, as a gambling companion? Are you often depressed, anxious or afraid?

3. Find out what your real reasons are for gambling on the internet

Some of the common reasons people gamble include finding joy and forgetting problems, seeking self-justification (that you are an extraordinary person), getting extra money from your winnings, gambling to help you socialize, overcoming depression or boredom, to habits that take root without realizing it.

In order to recover from your gambling addiction, it is important that you understand the reasons why you are gambling. You cannot build a foundation for healthy behavior until you know the exact reasons for your need to gamble.

4. Be candid with people you trust

You should tell a trusted friend or family member about your problem. By gathering the right kind of support from those around you, this will help strengthen and strengthen your rational side existence and kill your gambling passion.

5. Block your access to internet gambling

This step will make you realize that gambling is not the right solution. Many people gamble as a form of escape – an activity to distract from the stresses and pressures of everyday life.

In the end, however, you will realize that this is not the solution, and that there will be an inevitable downside to welcoming you at the end of the day.

6. Give up control of your finances

Ask your trusted person to temporarily manage all your finances, for example, for four weeks.

7. Find other activities that are healthier

Shutting off your access to gambling resources will not immediately eliminate your desire to gamble. So, as with trying to beat any other addiction, it’s important to find a variety of other, healthier activities to keep your body and mind busy. For example, with sports or taking skills classes.

8. Get professional help

If withdrawal from gambling becomes unbearable and you begin to feel stressed, depressed or anxious, consult your doctor.

The standard treatment for gambling addiction is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), in which therapists and addicts work together face-to-face to change destructive behaviors and thoughts.

9. Get treatment

Like drug addicts who become insensitive to the drugs they use, people who are prone to gambling addiction often have a hard time feeling the same “hangover” sensation they get when they first gamble and win money.

Ultimately, the chronic gambler needs to repeat the behavior more and more until he gets the thrill he’s after.

So are you still going to continue to do gambling that can make our situation damaged. Immediately avoid the dangers of gambling, whether conventional or internet gambling.

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