Mask – The first protection of the body

Health and Information – Mouth and nose protective masks, nowadays are a basic necessity for all inhabitants of this earth. That’s all because to prevent the transmission of the corona virus that is increasingly making everyone panic.

Then how protective masks can work optimally, certainly using a mask that has been licensed from the health department in the region.
Then what if we use a makeshift protective mask? All have their own risks, if we use a makeshift mask then the risk of viruses to enter is also greater. Vice versa, if we use a mask that is better licensed from the local health department, the risk of virus entry is also smaller. It all depends on your choice, either a modest protective mask or a licensed protective mask.
Then whether by using a nose and mouth protective mask, we are safe from exposure to the corona virus? The answer is definitely no, a protective mask is only to reduce the transmission of the corona virus. Whether the problem is safe or not from exposure to the corona virus depends on the behavior of our daily lives. If you adopt a healthy lifestyle such as exercising diligently, consuming fresh fruits and vegetables, getting enough rest, consuming vitamins, the risk of exposure to the corona virus will be smaller.
For this reason, let’s cultivate a healthy lifestyle in each of us so that the risk of exposure to the virus will be smaller, even the risk can be very small.
Don’t forget to always use protective markers when we travel or when we work.

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