How are mood disorders cured

mood disorders

Health and Information – Mood disorders are mental disorders that make a person experience a drastic change in mood. For example, from feeling very happy to feeling very down, or it can also be the opposite of feeling very down to feeling very happy. And it happens so quickly to someone.

This condition is not something that can be considered trivial, because it can interfere with daily activities, emotional stability, and relationships with those around him. Then whether the mood disorder can be cured? Following the review.
People with mood disorders can recover
Despite having to experience a long time, people with mood disorders can be cured of the situation. To achieve this recovery requires cooperation between the person, the family, and the health worker who is handling it.
Here are some things that people with mood disorders can do to get better:
1. Taking medicine
There are several types of drugs to overcome these mood disorders, including mood stabilizers, anticonvulsants, antipsychotics, antidepressants.
Doctors can also combine two or more types of drugs, if you experience mood disorders that occur very quickly.
For that people with this disorders must consume drugs according to doctor’s orders, and may not stop without the approval of the doctor.
2. Psychotherapy
Psychotherapy is a form of treatment that involves interactions between people with this disorders and therapists.
In people with this disorders, the type of psychotherapy performed is in the form of interpersonal and social rhythm therapy (IPSRT), cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and psychoeducation.
During psychotherapy, it takes the role and support of the family to help the treatment and healing process.
3. Lifestyle Changes
To avoid worsening mood disorders, sufferers are encouraged to adopt a healthy lifestyle.
Among these are by stopping smoking, limiting alcohol consumption, adequate rest, consumption of nutritious and balanced foods, multiply drinking water, and establishing healthy and positive relationships with friends and family.
4. Support from Caregiver or Family
In addition to taking medication from doctors and psychotherapy, support is needed from the caregiver or the family.
Both parties are expected to continue to encourage the sufferer to recover, including reminding him to take medicine and control to the doctor.
Treatment compliance reduces the frequency of recurrence, maintains emotional stability of the sufferer, and prevents suicidal ideation.
If you have been diagnosed with a this disorder, the following can be done to help overcome these symptoms while undergoing the above treatment :
  • Make a plan of activities
  • Socialize with people around
  • Get enough exercise
  • Doing yoga or meditation


So, mood disorders can be cured as long as they routinely do treatment and go to the doctor. For that we need to recognize the symptoms of this disorders early so that we can prevent these disorders.

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