Acute stress disorder

acute stress disorder

Health and Information – Acute Stress Disorder (ASD) or acute stress disorder is a mental disorder that is triggered by traumatic events that have been confronted, experienced or witnessed by someone. An acute stress reaction (also called acute stress disease, psychological shock, mental shock, or in short shock) is a psychological condition that occurs when responding…

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addiction and drugs

    Health and Information – Drug addiction is a condition where a person cannot control drug use and wants drug use even if it can cause danger. Drug addiction results in a strong desire to always consume drugs at any time. Therefore we must as much as possible to avoid drug addiction.   Maybe there…

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10 Sleep Disorders Harmful and spooky

Sleep is a necessity for humans, while sometimes hated by the hard-moving. Important and earthly, human sleep is still mysterious, capturing researchers with puzzles. And when affected by physical or psychological disorders as well as aspects of human life, sleep is often uneasy, brings disturbances and sometimes, disasters. In this list, we explore the most…

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