Is your Life Messed Up? Here’s How Self-Control is Good for Health


Healthzia – Through pages accessed on wikipedia Self-control is a person’s ability to control himself consciously in order to produce behavior that does not harm others, so that it is in accordance with social norms and can be accepted by the environment.

Self-control is very important in life and its role is very important in achieving certain life goals. The goals that we want to achieve, such as quitting smoking, getting a college degree, or starting a healthy diet, are likely to be achieved if we can control ourselves and our behavior.

A study also found that individuals with good self-control tend to be happier and healthier.

What does self-control have to do with physical health?

Self-control is not just about controlling behavior to achieve certain goals. Self-control also affects physical health, such as:

  • One study found that children who had high levels of self-control were less likely to become obese in adulthood.
  • Various studies reveal that children who have difficulty controlling self-control during childhood are at greater risk of using drugs and alcohol during school.

Self control is basically beneficial for us to live a healthy lifestyle. Habits such as the types of food we eat and how often we exercise are all influenced by self-control. That way, it is not wrong if self-control is closely related to physical health.

Here’s how to increase self-control

Research has found that self-control has limits. Even so, psychologists reveal that strong behavioral control in relationships can be done in the following ways:

1. Identify temptations and avoid them

It is difficult to avoid the temptations that can arise when we are trying to achieve a goal.

Even so, with a little commitment, we can recognize and avoid these temptations, so that our self-control is not wasted.

2. Create a scenario

You can develop scenarios and situations where self-control is shaky.

That is, imagine that you are faced with temptation. What actions need to be taken so that we do not give up?

One study found that designing scenarios like this can improve self-control, even in situations where we experience the effects of ego depletion. Ego fatigue is simply defined as a state of weakened self-control.

3. Practice with self-control

Self-control is like a muscle. If we start exercising regularly, the muscles will indeed tire a little for a while. But over time, your muscles and self-control will get stronger if you train them regularly.

4. Focus on one goal at a time

Setting multiple goals at once is generally less effective than one specific goal over a period of time. By designing specific goals, we can focus our energies on those goals.

Self-control is the ability that allows us to control behavior to achieve certain goals.

It’s not just theory, research has found that self-control is beneficial for academic performance, increased self-esteem, and better mental and physical health.

So take care of yourself the best you can, in a self-controlled way that is getting better day by day.

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