Signs Of Depression

signs of depression

healthziaSigns Of Depression is something you should know. There are many factors that cause a person to experience depression, from family history to trauma. Check out the signs and symptoms of depression in the following reviews.

Depression is a mood disorder that can interfere with a person’s daily activities. This condition cannot be underestimated, because it can lead to suicide if the depression gets worse.

The cause of depression is not certain. However, the factors that can trigger this condition are quite diverse, including trauma or mental stress, chronic illness, taking certain drugs, alcohol and drug dependence, and having other mental disorders.

Until now, there are still many cases of depression that are undiagnosed and not handled properly. One of the Signs Of Depression is that the sufferer does not realize that he is depressed. It could also be because people with depression feel embarrassed and are reluctant to seek help.

Signs Of Depression To Look Out For

Signs Of Depression need to be known as early as possible so that it is faster to get the right treatment.

Depressive disorders still get a bad stigma from society. Depression is often seen as an embarrassing illness, and people who experience it are considered mentally weak.

This point of view is completely inaccurate. Depression can be experienced by anyone and it is not related to mental strength or weakness. It is very important to recognize depression early on in order to get proper and fast therapy.

Here are some Signs Of Depression that you should know:

Signs Of Depression – Sad mood

The first Signs Of Depression are related to your moods or mood swings.

Moods are different from feelings. Feelings can change rapidly depending on the situation at hand. On the other hand, the mood tends to be stable and less influenced by environmental situations.

signs of depression

People with depression have a mood that tends to feel sad, empty, or hopeless. These unpleasant moods often just happen, without any sad events that have just happened.

Signs Of Depression – Losing Interest in Delightful Things

The second Signs Of Depression is loss of interest in fun things.

People who are depressed have no desire to do their passions. For example, if someone previously enjoyed playing games, the desire to play these games could completely disappear when experiencing depression.

Signs Of Depression – Feeling Tired All The Time

It is easy for people with depression to feel energized and feel tired all the time. This fatigue usually causes them to feel lazy to take care of themselves, for example taking a shower, combing their hair, or cleaning the room.

That is the next Signs Of Depression that you need to be aware of.

Signs Of Depression – Change in Weight

The next Signs Of Depression is a change in body weight in a person who is experiencing depression.

signs of depression

Changes in weight are not a typical symptom of depression. However, people with depression often experience changes in body weight. These changes can be in the form of weight that continues to increase or decrease.

Signs Of Depression – Sleep Disorders

If you have trouble sleeping, it could be a Signs Of Depression.

Depressed individuals often experience sleep disturbances. The form of sleep disturbance can be very diverse. Some have difficulty starting to sleep (insomnia), or are sleepy throughout the day (hypersomnia). Some sufferers can sleep, but experience nightmares that disturb the quality of their sleep.

Signs Of Depression – Feel Guilty

Next to a Signs Of Depression is having feelings of guilt.

People who are depressed can have excessive feelings of guilt. This feeling of guilt can arise even if nothing is wrong with it. They may even feel guilty that they are sick with depression. This guilt can lead to the idea of committing suicide.

Signs Of Depression – Difficulty Concentrating

Depressed individuals generally cannot study or work optimally because it is difficult to focus their concentration. Not infrequently, his performance at school or his work performance decreases.

For that you have to be aware of Signs Of Depression if it exists in you.

signs of depression

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A person is diagnosed with depression if the symptoms last for two weeks or more. If this condition occurs, don’t hesitate to discuss it with the closest people.

In addition, talk to a psychologist or psychiatrist so you can get the right treatment and avoid depressive disorders.

Those are the various Signs Of Depression that you should be aware of and take seriously, so that you will easily discuss it with the doctor you visit.

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