The best medication for obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)

the best medication for obsessive compulsive disorder

Health and information – Do you like to clean or hate tangled cables? This does not make you an OCD sufferer. People with OCD feel so uncomfortable that they become more anxious when things don’t go their way. Then how is the best medication for obsessive compulsive disorder? Here’s the information for you.

Obsessive compulsive disorder is a mental health disorder that occurs when a person gets caught in a cycle of obsessions and compulsions.

Obsessions are unwanted and annoying thoughts, images, or urges that trigger feelings of intense stress. A compulsion is a behavior that a person uses to try to get rid of an obsession to reduce anxiety.

Most people have obsessive thoughts and compulsive behavior at some point in life. However, you don’t necessarily have OCD.

Now, for OCD itself is more extreme in nature to the point that it takes up time and hinders the sufferer from carrying out daily activities.

Stories of OCD sufferers who experience the characteristics of excessive anxiety

Often underestimated, obsessive compulsive disorder or OCD is actually a mental disorder that can make it difficult for sufferers to carry out their daily activities.

One example of a story with OCD sufferers is a story about a world figure, Nikola Tesla. Tesla, who is the scientist who invented radio and X-rays, is said to have OCD disease. Tesla is also known as a person who has a very severe phobia of germs.

Not only that, he also really liked the number three, so he often circled the street around his house three times before entering the house.

Tesla was also afraid of round objects, especially women’s jewelery. He also refused to shake hands with others, or touch other people’s hair.

Tesla, as part of his compulsive behavior, always counted the number of times his jaw moved while eating.

Like the example above, OCD is not a trivial condition. If not resolved immediately, the tendency of thinking and behavior of people with OCD can really interfere with daily life.

How is the best medication for obsessive compulsive disorder?

The story of an OCD sufferer like Tesla, is not the only one in the world. Many people also experience the same thing, but because treatment for OCD is not yet common, this condition is simply neglected.

OCD is a chronic condition that cannot be cured one hundred percent. Even so, the treatments you are taking can help relieve the symptoms, so you can return to your normal activities.

The two main treatments for relieving symptoms of OCD are psychotherapy and medications, or medication. These two therapies are generally done simultaneously, for best results.

1. Psychotherapy

The type of psychotherapy considered most effective for OCD is cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT.

This therapy applies the type of exposure and response prevention (ERP) method.

During therapy with the ERP method, the patient will gradually be exposed to things that are feared or things related to the patient’s obsession.

For example, if the patient is afraid of dust or dirt, he will continue to be exposed to these two things, as well as learn healthy ways to deal with his fear and anxiety.

ERP can be done individually, in groups, or with families.

2. Medication

There are several types of drugs that can be used to help relieve OCD symptoms. Generally, medication will be initiated by administering antidepressant drugs, such as:

  • Clomipramine, for adults and children 10 years and over
  • Fluoxetine, for adults and children aged 7 years and over
  • Fluvoxamine, for adults and children 8 years and over
  • Paroxetine, for adults
  • Sertraline, for adults and children 6 years and over

All of the above drugs, require a doctor’s prescription. Be aware of side effects, potential reactions with other drugs that you are currently taking, and the risk of withdrawal symptoms. Take the medicine according to the instructions instructed by the doctor.

What are the steps to accelerate the healing of OCD?

In addition to the ways to cure OCD above, there are several other steps you can take to accelerate the healing of this condition, such as:

A. Learn to deal with OCD more effectively

Stress and OCD are two things that cannot be separated. So, to deal with OCD effectively, you also need to take steps to deal with stress, such as getting enough sleep, exercise, meditation, and eating a healthy diet.

B. Control anxiety

Anxiety disorders are a distinctive feature of OCD. This condition is part of the obsessive behavior of people with OCD disease. Therefore, learning how to control anxiety can be very helpful.

C. Take relaxation steps

Since OCD can be triggered by stress and anxiety, taking relaxation steps can help relieve OCD. You can practice breathing, meditation, or muscle relaxation.

D. Get regular exercise

Not only for physical health, sports such as running and aerobics are also believed to help relieve OCD symptoms.

E. More aware of your own thoughts

To make OCD easier to control, you need to realize that the thing on your mind is just obsessive behavior. You need to realize that not everything that comes to mind, should be done.

You can also deal with anxiety, letting things go as they are, even if they don’t go the way you want them to. The more you do this, the more you will realize that you have nothing to lose by not carrying out these obsessive thoughts.

OCD disease is not as simple as it is thought. The obsessive compulsive behavior experienced by sufferers can make it difficult for them to carry out their daily lives. Therefore, how to cure OCD as above, needs to be done as soon as possible.

That is what we can say about the best medication for obsessive compulsive disorder, hopefully it can provide knowledge for all of you, and can also benefit all of you.


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