Tips for removing tartar without the need to go to the doctor

Health and Information – Tartar can make the view of your mouth look unsightly. Not only that, tartar can also threaten health. Here’s how to get rid of tartar at home without the need to go to the doctor.

Tartar or often referred to as dental calculus is a plaque that sticks hard to the teeth.
Usually tartar is formed from under the gums and can cause irritation.
Tartar gives a large area of ​​plaque to develop and causes the surface to become sticky.
Not only threatens our health, tartar can make you not confident in socializing.
Tartar will cause bad breath and also teeth that look yellowish.
But not to worry, there are ways to get rid of tartar at home without having to go to the doctor.
Causes of tartar appearance :
Generally, the appearance of tartar is caused by remnants of food that is left behind a long time and not quickly cleaned.Then, over time this leftover food that is not quickly cleaned will accumulate and cause tartar. Saliva that contains minerals will actually help the food remains hardened and tartar formed becomes hard or sedimentation.
1. Clean with Floss (Flossing)
Brushing teeth only clean the surface of your teeth, can not reach the deepest part, especially between the teeth.
A powerful way to get rid of corals between your teeth is to clean with dental floss.
Swipe the thread between the teeth gently avoid rubbing the thread between the teeth and the gums are too hard. Open it clean, it can hurt the gums and make it bleed.
Dental floss are effective for cleaning between the deepest and deepest parts of a tooth that is difficult to reach by toothbrush bristles.
2. Diligently Clean the Tongue
Did you know that 50 percent of bacteria in the mouth nest on the surface of the tongue?
Therefore, you must be diligent in cleaning the tongue every day.
A mixture of saliva and bacteria can form plaque on the surface of our tongue. Unfortunately, this plaque cannot be removed just by rinsing it with water or gargling using mouthwash.
The best and most effective way to remove plaque that sticks to the surface of the tongue is to brush our tongue every day.
You can get a special tongue scrub tool at the nearest supermarket in your area.
How to use it simply rub the tongue starting from the innermost base and gently pulling it forward in one motion. Do not rub it back and forth.
Repeat this method several times until your tongue is completely clean or rough. Do not forget to clean the side of the tongue. After that, rinse your mouth with clean water.
3. Stop Smoking
Another most effective tip for removing tartar is to stop smoking.
In addition to causing heart and lung dysfunction, smoking also can cause dental and mouth problems. One of them is tartar. The chemical content in cigarettes can trigger the formation of tartar more and more.
In fact, tartar people who smoke tend to be jet black than those of you who don’t smoke.
4. Using Baking Soda
Then, how to get rid of tartar with baking soda is often done by many residents of the house. They replace the toothpaste mixture with baking soda and salt mixture. Baking soda can eliminate and whiten teeth quickly.
This can also be a way to get rid of tartar which has hardened.
The trick, just take 1 tablespoon of baking soda then add a pinch of salt and stir well.
Then, dip a moistened toothbrush into this mixture.
Start brushing your teeth for 2 minutes then rinse your mouth with clean water.
Do it regularly so that the results are more optimal.
5. Using Orange Skin
Simple tips to get rid of tartar next is to use orange peel. This includes traditional, natural, and fast methods that are still used by many people. Orange is a fruit with many vitamins and nutrients.
Clean the orange peel first then rub it directly on your teeth. Rub until smooth and do not immediately rinse. Leave it overnight until the new morning you are allowed to rinse. Perform this activity every day before going to bed for maximum results.
6. Using Betel Leaves
Using betel leaves can remove tartar and expel bad breath. Just take a betel leaf and add 1 clove stem. Blend until smooth and chew. Then rinse with clean water. Repeat every day so the results are satisfying.
7. Consumption of Vitamin C
Vitamin C is good for oral health too. Therefore why many toothpastes that use fruits with vitamin C.
You simply destroy the fruit with vitamin C until smooth. For example, strawberries or lemons. Then, dip the toothpaste and brush your teeth for 2 minutes, continue to rinse until the teeth become clean from tartar.
8. Diligent Drinking Water
Even drinking water can reduce tartar. Saliva serves to keep the mouth moist and shed the plaque and food debris on the surface of the teeth. The enzymes in saliva can also help fight bacteria that cause infections in your mouth. How to get rid of tartar this one is fairly inexpensive and easy. So, there is no reason not to drink water every day.
9. Consumption of Fruits and Vegetables
Everyone already knows that fruits and vegetables contain good for the body, as well as for the mouth. How to get rid of tartar next enough to chew fruits and vegetables regularly.
In addition to removing tartar, fruits and vegetables can reduce bad breath and also can reduce irritation of our gums.

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