Women and alcohol abuse

Women and alcohol abuse

Health and Information – As we know, women and alcohol abuse does have a bad influence on humans, ranging from physical damage, or effects on the human brain. Therefore consuming alcohol is not recommended for anyone, especially in women.

Especially for women if consuming too much alcohol or alcohol addiction can affect the uterine organs. If consuming too much alcohol can interfere with pregnancy, or for those who are pregnant can abort the womb.

Alcohol can have an unconscious effect on people who consume it. So be careful if there are people who are under the influence of alcohol and then drive a vehicle, it is very dangerous for him and for other road users.
Alcohol can also affect the mental health that consumes it, especially for women. Because women are easily carried away so it is very dangerous for their mental health if a women and alcohol abuse.
For that we need to know our family members, especially women, if there are people who like to consume alcohol we are more aware of it by various means of referral from the nearest doctor.
Here are the dangers of alcohol for women if consumed regularly:
  • The danger of alcohol makes women get drunk faster.
  • The danger of alcohol damages a woman’s heart more quickly.
  • Alcohol makes a woman age quickly.
  • The danger of alcohol can trigger breast cancer.
  • The danger of alcohol reduces the baby’s IQ.
  • Triggers the risk of cleft lip.
  • Alcohol shortens life.
  • Speeds the senile brain.
  • Risk of depression, brain and heart.
  • Risk for the fetus.
  • Worsening of menstrual symptoms.
  • Women who have difficulty reaching orgasm.

Those are some of the dangers of consuming alcohol for humans, especially for women. So love your family from the dangers of consuming alcohol.

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