Xanthophobia, excessive fear when seeing yellow


Health and Information – For lovers of the animated film Spongebob Squarepants, the yellow color on Spongebob Squarepants is indeed very adorable.

But not for people with xanthophobia, it might be very scary. This strange phobia is very scared when he sees the color yellow.
The meaning of Xanthophobia is having excessive fear with the color yellow, it can even scream just because you hear the color yellow.
Most, people with Xanthophobia have a yellow trauma in their childhood, so the yellow color is a terrible trauma for them.
Like phobias in general, these phobias are also usually caused by terrible or shocking past trauma from sufferers involving the yellow color. Maybe it’s like a nightmare that happens at night.
Xanthophobia was created by the subconscious mind as a protective mechanism for fear.
Some points in a person’s past might link the color yellow or the word “yellow” to the emotional trauma he had experienced.
For people with phobias used to use the language of taste in seeing the source of fear. But for people with xanthophobia, Excessive Fear When Seeing Yellow.

Common causes of this phobia are traumatic experiences involving the color yellow, such as being stung by a bee or even being hit by a yellow car or school bus.

As a result, yellow reminds xanthophobes of pain and on a subconscious level reminds them of loss of life.

When xanthophobes encounter something yellow (such as daffodils, gold, and the Yellow Pages), they may immediately close their eyes or panic with anxiety, depending on the severity.

For severe sufferers, even seeing or hearing the word yellow can cause fear.

Sufferers will not eat cheese, mustard, lemonade (unless it is pink or berry), bananas, egg yolks, and anything yellow. There really is no reason to be afraid, because people all over the world associate yellow with happiness!

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